Stratospheric by Fletcher Vaughan was created for the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail in Matakana, New Zealand.

All photos courtesy of: Contemporist.com


As I’ve been sitting here for the last 15 minutes trying to remember how to work this blog, I’ve been listening to the same 4 sec mini song that I created from the Raindrop Melody Maker at the site listed. It’s one of the most calming things I’ve ever heard.

Raindrop Melody Maker

Make your own tune!!

please dont let it rain on saturday, bill randby, ryan mcpike and jim flowers are all saying no… i agree w/ them


new song= time after time- cyndi lauper

   ps- im in love with 80’s music all of the sudden

new songs=   Time of Your Life- Greenday       Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley      (Everything I Do) I Do for You- Bryan Adams      You and Me- Lifehouse

today was boring, tomorrow will be interesting… yay honors and flowers and letters




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today in general was fabuloso. maryclaire’s party was really good, i liked the fact that it was at a park and we could all do what we wanted…

tonight was ok, i liked sitting in the back of beekas truck!! and then hearing tainted love on the way home btw, i put it as the new song on the playlist just for you liz!! 🙂 tomorrow= crazy busy

wake up by 9:30, get vet appt for manda, get pics/drop off film, get estimate for car, start collage, finish painting the pots, and do laundry, and be at work by 4!! AHH tuesday is just as bad I’m totally booked but less to do… meh such a crazy week

UGH! my dad is such an ass… so i get home tonite/ this morning, and he goes “how come you only have one estimate for me?” b/c i was supposed to get 2 this week for the damn car and then he went off on me “I was gone for a week, i asked you to do one thing for me and you cant even do that blah blah blah…” WTF!? seriously i worked 4 out of the five days this week and the one day i didnt work i cleaned, and the day i didnt work til later i got one estimate, granted i could’ve done it today, but i forgot… UGH!!! i just feel like i dont get enough credit for what i do, i mena i know im lazy, but come on… im working 2 jobs 5-6 days a week, like this week last monday to this sunday i worked/ will work everyday EXCEPT thursday! w/e sorry if i wasted ur time, im just pissed

other than that tonite was a good night, good start to summer, for me at least. tried car hide n seek, didnt work, so we went to sonic and the to village pointe lol oh jake and brendan…


This is it… summer’s here, as excited as I am, it’s still sad. I didn’t cry and then I saw Kate, I broke down. Her me and Jenna have been friends since kindergarten, it was the three of us that got in trouble on my birthday in kindergarten b/c we got fabric paint on the floor… lol the three of us. “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.”~ Boys II Men

I don’t know what to say, I’m happy, sad, scared, estactic, and proud all at the same time…

Leaving school, hearing HollaBack Girl on the radio really clarified it.