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blah blah blah! today was mostly boring… nothing exciting. I have ton to do tomorrow and no time to do it, work til 7ish then come home straighten my hair hair and get ready!! ahh maybe i wont go in to work til 4:30 so i can straighten my hair right after school… idk im in a crappy mood right now



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meh today was boring except for this morning! I woke up @ 5:37 to the first crack of thunder of the year! God it was glorious! I opened my window right away and listening to the rain and thunder, every now and then the wind would blow through my window so I could smell the rain!

School, work same old same old…

After work I came home and started on Liz’s present! YES! I totally know what I’m getting her and I’m thrilled!

anyways I’m kinda bored now so  here enjoy these!


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       yamma!! and drake




Put your playlist on random, and write down the names of some of the songs, adding “in my pants” to the end of the titles.
I’m just going to refresh my page 10 times for new songs to  come up on that playlist
1. Lovers and Friends in my pants
2. Collide in my pants
3. 99 Problems in my pants
4. Jenny was a Friend of Mine in my pants
5. True in my pants
6. I’ll Remeber in my pants
7. Wish you Were Here in my pants
8. Caught by the River in my pants
9. Rich Girl in my pants
10. Lack of Color in my pants

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new song ^^ Stilettos (Pumps) reminds me of mary and liz!



   “Dance like no one’s watching. Laugh like you’re never gonna stop, and love like its never gonna hurt”


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Today was good up until work.. driving w/ the windows down is absolutely fabulous! It makes me want to get the Accord even more b/c it’s got a sun roof!! I just really hate the Taurus and I’ve dealt w/ enough shit from that car… I put up with my parents saying “@ least you have a car” or “wheels are wheels”  they didn;’t have to deal with the fact that all of their friends had better cars then them! UGH I’m just really crabby from work still… w/e I just need something to cheer me up, like Liz’s party this weekend, GOD I can’t wait! save me


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ok a little better, I went to see my grandpa… it was nice, i went up there by myself and him and i just talked, he’s soooo cute… he’s a great grampa

what really made my night is watching 16 candles, one of my favorite all time movies, definetly top 5! my fav part is when Sam’s sitting on the couch and her dad remember’s her b-day and he says “That’s why they call em crushes, if they were easy they’d call em something else.” that’s definetly the best line ever!

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How can really good days turn to shit w/in a matter of minutes…

-grandpa’s in the hospital

-his sister died last night

-dad’s under a lot of stress which is not a good situation considering his stress/ heart problems in the past, he’s got my grandpa, my uncle, and all the remodeling before graduation… crap crap crap

everything was fine… I should have never come home


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added 2 songs –> Everything You Want- Vertical Horizon       I Wish you Were Here- Incubus

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us  I love that song!  Hosted by Tinypic.com  

 maha not really     



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