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Today started off horribly, got cheered up around 2 b/c of the play (great job to everyone involved). Then I got depressed again. But then a really awesome junior (Amanda Benak!!) told me some good news!! And now I’m watching the Oscars!! The dresses are sooo pretty! I think Lor and I are going to go order it tomorrow!! eeek! Gotta go!



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I’m baaaaaccckkk… Well ok so this weekend was fantabulous!! W00T for lincoln! yay to Brendan and Kevin and the whole team! and yay to Marian, great job girls!! (I ❤ Benak) lol! Weekend’s not over… still got tonight and tomorrow day. I have to work in the morning… I’m kinda excited but kinda not, 7 is still really early! ew. anyways gotta run.


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Ok my parents just got home and my dad asked why there were 2 corn cob holders on top of the tv in the basement, and the only thing I can think of is Tony rummaging (sp?) through the drawers on Saturday night… Tony know anything a/b the corn cob holders?… lol

The OC was great tonight… probably the best ever! I cried! And it especially made me happy to here End of the Road by: Boys II Men!!! haha liz I love that song!!

Everyone have a great Friday and Saturday!


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my worst fear= losing all my friends

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[The Labeling Survey]]


Do you wear black eyeliner? no

How much black clothing do you own? umm idk 2 jackets a couple sjirts a couple skirts and a dress or three

Do you think about death often? no

Do you want to die? no

Are you a social outcast? sometimes

Are you pale? nope tan tan tan

Do you cut (I hope you don’t)? no

Do you like Hot topic? not really


[Skater Punk]

Can you skateboard? No

How often do you go into Vans? never

What’s your sneaker’s brand? reebok

Do you do stupid stuff with your friends alot? haha yes  

Are the long skater hair cuts hot? sometimes

How much do you get in trouble? sometimes, mostly for grades

Do you listen to the bands that aren’t considered “posers”? yea

How many piercings do you have? doubles



How often do you say “like”?  probly lots

Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch? sometimes

Are the A & F models hot? yes!!

How many purses do you have? you can never have enoguh purses or shoes
Is lipgloss a must? yes!

How often do you wear makeup? weekends and work sometimes
Ever had a manicure? yea

Rock music is bad, right? no
Are you ever ditzy? yes

Do you own high heels? yep

Have you ever said “oh my gawsh”?  not like that

Are you a cheerleader? nope



Is your hair long? yes

Are you a vegetarian? no

Do you own a tye dye shirt? yes

Do you want peace? yea
Do you want to save the animals? yes

Do you wear sunglasses?  yea

What do you think about war? not really

Have you ever made a peace sign w/ your fingers? ever? yes often? no


Are you from the ghetto?  lol of course i am!

Do you own any bling bling? i did… then i ate it, thanks ben!

What do you think about dew rags? haha the white thug gangsta’s wore em the other night! haha

Do you like Rap? yes

How about HipHop? yes

Was Tupac really the greatest rapper ever? idk

What do you think about afros? jew fros are hot!! right liz?

Have you ever said “Fo shizzle”? lol yep
How about “Oh snap son”? who hasnt?



Is life a party? yep

How often do you get drunk? not often at all

What’s the point of getting drunk anyway? just to have a good time

Do you care about your grades? sometimes

Do you need an attitude adjustment? yes

How far have you been? sexually? lets not answer that



How often do you cry? a lot

Do you have an ex? not really

Do you have an acoustic guitar? no

Are you emotional? yeah

Do you like soft music? yep

Do people understand you? not really, they think they do

Do you write your own songs? not really songs more poems

Is your hair dyed dark? not dyed its natural



Do you play any sports? no, unless golf counts… lol

How important are they to you? not very

How important is your reputation? idc

Do you pick on the geeky kids? no

What do you think about football? i love playing it!

Are you considered a bully by anyone? i dont think so



Do you wear glasses? yep

Do you get good grades? not really

Are you smart? i think so

Do you use an inhaler? no

Do you stick pens and calculators in your shirt pockets? no

Does your mom buy your clothes? no

How often are you on the computer? a lot… well physically not that much but my sn’s on a lot

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I’m so bored! I’m actually excited to go to work tomorrow! I kinda like when my life is busy, otherwise I get bored really easy. And my life just got a touch busier, I got the job @ Clearview and I start for real on Sunday!! YAY! And state swimming is this weekend, I started my buttons, I made Laura’s and Amanda’s!! I still need pics for Brendan and Kevin tho… anyways I don’t really have much else to say, the new pc comes tomorrow!!


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edit: added a new song Only U- Ashanti      i love that song!!

Tonight was great! like seriously I haven’t had a really good day like today in a long time! thanks guys! not much else to say. I pretty much got the job @ clearview, andrea is training me on sunday… @ 7 AM!! omg thats soo early!! AHHH!  its ok i need the $$ well i think im gonna hit the sack ealry tonight… plans for tomorrow? dk hopefully another great night!


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